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Thursday, 30 April 2020

12 CRPF men each now patrol Bapu Dham, Sec 30-B outskirts

12 CRPF men each now patrol Bapu Dham, Sec 30-B outskirts

Chandigarh, April 29

The UT police have ventured up watching in the zones that have been seeing an ascent in Covid-19 cases and have been proclaimed 'influenced pockets' mdash; Bapu Dham Colony and Sector 30-B. 

Arrangement at BDC

  • 2 assessors 

  • 8 other police staff 

  • 12 CRPF men 

  • 20 cops at five nakas 

  • 5 cops for watching outside the fixed region 

Twelve CRPF staff each have been conveyed for watching the edge of the two regions. In addition, CCTV cameras have been introduced there to keep a watch on individuals moving out of the houses.

Police authorities said three places in the city had been announced 'influenced pockets', mdash; portions of Bapu Dham Colony and Sector 30-B and Kachi Colony in Dhanas.

"Of these three pockets, most cases have been found in Bapu Dham and Sector 30-B. Playing it safe, these specific zones have been fixed totally as an exhaustive methodology. The development of occupants in these pockets is completely limited and superfluous administrations are restricted," the police said.

The police said the people under home isolate in those regions were carefully under the observation of CCTV cameras.

"Declarations are being made in the influenced pocket regions teaching inhabitants to stay at home," said a police official.

According to the rules, with the exception of approved people like heath authorities, police on the job and so on., no one is permitted to enter or leave the 'influenced pocket'.

Episode commandants have been conveyed to control the whole 'influenced pocket' zones.

An unexpected of more than 50 police work force, including two examiners and one SHO, had been conveyed at and around Bapu Dham nonstop.

The police said all vital insurance gears, including veils, hairnet, gloves, individual defensive hardware (PPE) and face shield, were given to the cops on the job inside the 'influenced pockets'.


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