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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Stock market hit by CoronaVirus and globalization Helped CoronaVirus to Spread Rapidly?

Stock market hit by CoronaVirus and globalization Helped CoronaVirus to Spread Rapidly?

CoronaVirus transmission (Covid-19) and Stock / Share Market Reactions! Hello Readers, Greetings to you all! Today 29th March 2020, the entire world is in crisis due to the spread of Pandemic CoronaVirus hku1 alias COVID 19.

Hello Readers,

Greetings to you all!

Today 29th March 2020, the entire world is in crisis

due to the spread of Pandemic Coronavirus treatment alias COVID-19.

Corona virus cases worldwide

CoronaVirus diagnosis stands at 41 ranks on basis of

affection rate (27 Dead)

Source Data: as on 29-Mar-2020 at 10.30pm IST

CoronaVirus effect to Indian stock market 

Referring to our Indian Market, we had a tough time for the past 45 days as similar to global markets and no ray of hope seen yet. As of today, the entire country is on lock-down for the 5th day (21 Days - 24th Mar'20 to 14th Apr'20) to prevent disease from worsening due to movement of people.

The Nifty downfall began on the eve of Union budget-2020 proposed in Parliament by the Finance Minister on 01st Feb'20. The downtrend hasn't stopped till date. The downfall was more stimulated and
Aggravated by CoronaVirus India.

On 20th Jan'20 the Nifty was at a peak of 12430. Post union budget from 13th Feb'20 the downtrend was severe. From then on no look back, down, down, down, down all the way to a low of 7511 breached on 24th Mar'20. Loss of 4700 points in just 26 sessions.

Nifty 50 - Monthly Chart as on 29-Mar-2020

Nifty 50 - Monthly Chart as on 29-Mar-2020

Actually the CoronaVirus accelerated the downfall of global markets; else the downfall may be slow and steady.

From China the epicenter of CoronaVirus has been shifted to European countries, which were really suffering a lot for the past 2 weeks. Italy, Spain Psychology Articles, Germany and France are the worst affected in European nations.

The Global economic condition is in big question mark at this stage. In addition the IMF has announced the official recession of world markets.

So the revival of the economy is awaited; Let see how things will proceed further......

Has Globalization Helped CoronaVirus to Spread Rapidly?

There is a myth going on in many parts of the world, that because of globalization, the Covid-19 virus could spread easily and affect many around the world. Although it may be true, that because of fast distance coverage by air, water and other sources, the disease spread, laying the entire blame on globalization is wrong. There are many instances in history, where epidemics have spread and caused loss of human lives in millions before air transportation even existed. 

Restrict Globalization - What is the Idea?

The supporters of de globalization want to build walls such as the Great Wall of China, restrict voyages and travel, decrease the trading between countries. Yes, in these times of CoronaVirus in babies crisis, it is needed to put a temporary quarantine, but long term implications of isolation among countries can trigger a financial collapse. In short, the most required factor at the present time is cooperation among all countries and definitely, not isolation.

History and Epidemics

·       Epidemics such as plague and smallpox have destroyed many
·       Civilizations around the globe. There were times, when people used to leave the
·        Entire city and villages, move to a new place to start a new life. In the
·        Airplanes. But still the epidemics happened. For example, just notice the Black
·        Ancient ages, there were no proper means of transport such as ships and Death epidemic of the 14th century. The death toll comes to millions from
People lost their lives.
Countries right from Western Europe to East Asia. Nearly more than 19 million

It was in 1520, the smallpox started in Central America and wiped nearly a fourth of its native population.
A deadly flu started in 1918, and spread to many corners of the world. The total population lost was 100 million. When compared to lives lost in the First World War, the toll is more.

How Our Ancestors Faced an Epidemic

To be honest, they tried every measure and method to control the epidemic. Many methods were unsanitary and did not bring good results. Some cultures relied on superstition and thought the epidemic was a curse or punishment from the Gods. In some countries, the healthy people used to shift to other places leaving behind the dead, sick and undeserving livestock. There is also proof of human CoronaVirus 229e sacrifice to appease the Gods as a means of warding off the epidemic.

What are the measures followed in recent times to combat any epidemic?

Although epidemics did continue to rear their head every now and then, the process of sanitation and cleanliness did help to curb the casualties. The main reason for millions of deaths in the old ages was due to the fact; our ancestors did not understand the disease and the reasons for its spreading so fast.

In recent times, a virus can spread within a few hours to all parts of the globe, courtesy air travel. But any epidemic will not cause deaths in millions, the reason, and exchange of information. The best defense humanity has against any disease in recent time is information in the form of scientific analysis and preventive medicine prepared at the earliest.

It was in the 1900s, that medicine professionals of every country came together and exchanged information about diseases in every country. Then, the vaccination programmed started on a global scale. Thanks to the sincere efforts of these medicine professionals, some highly contagious diseases such as smallpox were completely eliminated as early as 1979.

In the earlier days, it was difficult to collect samples from affected people without being infected. Now, with recent medical equipment in the form of gloves and face masks, the professionals can easily collect samples, analyze, identify and then suggest the possible cure in the form of antibiotics. People in the old ages could not determine the cause of diseases such as Black Death and died in millions. But how long does CoronaVirus last, medical professionals took less than 15 days to identify the virus, its genetics and the possible ways to identify affected people, put them in isolation and prevent the spreading of this disease on a large scale.

What Did You Learn From The History of Epidemics?

The very fact, globalization has caused many deaths is proved wrong once again. Without proper transportation, many epidemics caused millions of deaths in the earlier times.

The real protection against any epidemic is when the country first affected should share the information regarding the disease to its neighboring countries as soon as possible. In this situation, it is trust and mutual understanding that matters a lot in preventing the spread of disease. All other countries should also extend a helping hand to the affected country. Today, with CoronaVirus making mayhem all over the world, China has to teach countries lessons about the virus.

Co-operation is also mandatory when countries try their best to restrict travel from citizens of other nations during an epidemic. If countries do not trust each other, then the information on disease becomes useless.

In the last century, the war against smallpox was won, because every country participated in the vaccination programmed. If one country had failed to fall in line, then the smallpox would have remained and waited for the right moment to strike. But it did not happen.

Please note, the entire humankind at recent times needs to establish a clear border line. It is not between countries and nations. But the line needs to be put clearly between humans and viruses. Viruses which have caused deaths in recent times have come from animals to humans. For example, Ebola virus. So, communities all over the world have to be explained on the safety measures and precautions. Or else, every now and then, the border line between virus and man will be broken because of a transmission. Then the entire human race will become sitting ducks for a new hunter virus.

With the content in the earlier paragraph, some facts also have to be taken in consideration. There exist some cultures in the world, where the people are not even knowledgeable about basic healthcare services. These people may become the targets of transmission.

Since the last half a century, medical science has geared itself to meet the challenges of epidemics. There exists an entire army in the form of medical professionals, nurses and other staff to patrol the world and safeguard from any epidemic.

What Are The Major Factors Which Can Help An Epidemic Spread Faster?

True, we have all the medical facilities, but countries have lost trust in one another. In some countries, corrupt politicians do not provide grants to medical institutions and hamper their growth and research. There is a section of society which does not trust scientific medical expert advice and carry on their lives as per their will. All these factors can contribute to spreading of a disease among many countries.


Let us hope that the Corona Scare will promote trust between countries. Let us not focus on the topic - has globalization helped corona virus to spread rapidly. It is a painful lesson, but let us turns this unfortunate event to an opportunity to make the bonds between countries stronger. The brotherhood between countries can make the entire human race stand strong against any catastrophe (natural or health-related). Let us make a resolve to cross the planet, if needed, any time to combat a threat that can threaten the entire human race.

At present, let us pray in our hearts to the Supreme Power to save this Mother Earth from the impact of CoronaVirus.

Symptoms and Treatment of the CoronaVirus in Dogs

Canine CoronaVirus nl63

CoronaVirus dogs affect the intestines and can cause intense diarrhea leading to dehydration. It is transmitted through contact with infected feces and can be passed from dog to dog when they are sniffing one another or playing. A dog infected with the disease will usually show symptoms within days, though it can also transmit the disease for months after symptoms have disappeared. CoronaVirus transmission in Dogs with weakened immune systems, younger dogs and unvaccinated dogs are particularly susceptible.


CoronaVirus transmission lives in the lining of your dog's intestines, so the main symptom is diarrhea. Unlike diarrhea due to the ingestion of some foreign object, the resultant diarrhea dogs are foul-smelling, watery and yellow-orange in color. In some cases the diarrhea might also contain blood, though this is usually a symptom of a similar, but more serious condition called parvo. Corona virus usually appears within two to five days of exposure and lasts two to ten days. It can lead to intense dehydration, so be careful to monitor your dog's condition and insure it gets enough fluids. Other possible symptoms of CoronaVirus include loss of appetite, depression, nausea, and vomiting. It is also possible for your dog to have corona virus and not exhibit any symptoms.


Since dehydration is the main risk in CoronaVirus treatment, getting your dog enough fluids is the big challenge. A veterinarian will likely inject fluids under the skin or use an intravenous drip for this purpose. After your dog has recovered, give it bland foods and small amounts of water.
Since this is a virus, antibiotics will not eradicate it. While this CoronaVirus transmission in dogs is rarely fatal, it is possible for it to pass from the small intestine to other parts of the body such as the liver and lungs. Secondary bacterial infections may arise so your veterinarian might also administer antibiotics. A vaccine is available to help prevent your dog from being infected in the first place. Talk to your veterinarian about whether your dog would benefit from a vaccine.

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