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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Health Dept starts counselling of Nanded returnees in Patiala

Health Dept starts counselling of Nanded returnees in Patiala
Tribune News Service
Patiala, May 4

Amid growing concerns of vilification of Nanded pilgrims, the District Health Department today started counselling of returnees, who have been quarantined at Gurdwara Dhukhniwaran Sahib.

To keep pilgrims in a positive frame of mind, counsellors held sessions with them to make them aware and adapt to the isolation and quarantine blues.

"Counselling will alleviate the fear of being in isolation," said Shama Bala, a counsellor. "Accurate information and proper knowledge of Covid-19 will boost the confidence of those quarantined," the counsellor added.

While holding a counselling session, she said, "The virus spreads only when someone comes in contact with a Covid-positive patient. We need to take care of the basic needs of those quarantined. If someone feels anxious, irritated and tired, it means there is a fear of being in a new situation."
"Covid-like symptoms can emerge as the weather is changing. One should not panick as it could be just a simple cold," she added.

"Fear of infection can lead to panic attacks. Therefore, it is important to counsel pilgrims regularly to reduce mental stress," she said.

"One of the worst fears that pilgrims face is of being termed as corona spreaders and the stigma attached to it," she added.

Patiala Civil Surgeon Harish Malhotra informed, "A team comprising Dr Kiranjot Singh, Dr Nidhi Ahluwalia, Dr Yuvraj Narang and counsellor Sham Bala has been counselling pilgrims to keep them mentally strong."

from The Tribune


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