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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Punjabi University students ordered to vacate hostel in one day

Punjabi University students ordered to vacate hostel in one day
Outbreaks of the Corona epidemic have been on the rise, prompting the administration to start setting up isolation centers for government buildings as a precaution.

Patiala: Outbreak of Corona epidemic is on the rise, prompting the administration to start setting up isolation centers in government buildings as a precaution. Under this the hostels of Punjabi University have been directed to set up Covid Care Isolation Centers. By evacuating the hostel, the Corona victims will be housed here if required. Although the students are not present in the hostel, they have been issued a letter by the university to pick up their luggage on just one day's notice.

According to the letter, along with other institutions, orders have been issued to set up an isolation center at Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Hostel on the university campus. The hostel rooms have essential items for the students, so the varsity has issued a letter to take these items. The Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Hostel is home to a large number of engineering students who have gone home during the lockdown, including students from Punjab and other states. In such a situation, returning to the university with the luggage has also become a matter of concern for the students.

A letter has been issued to the students of the hostel on May 8 asking them to take their belongings to the hostel by the evening of May 9 if possible. In case of non-attendance of the student, the letter can be sent to the local guardian registered in the hostel admission form. In addition, if a student does not carry the luggage, his luggage will be kept in the store. With the curfew and the opening of the university, students will be able to take their belongings back from the store. The student or his / her guardian will only be allowed to enter their hostel or room. Social distance will be ensured in all cases. Every person who comes to collect the goods must wear a face mask and special care should be taken to keep their hands clean.

Ajeeb Singh Guru, leader of the Democratic Students' Organization, said the hostel was home to more than 1,500 students who were curfewed and carried their belongings in two bags while most of their valuables were still in the rooms. Now the varsity has also ordered to carry these items which is not in the interest of the students. It is not possible for students from far and wide to come here. This aspect should be well considered that the administration can first use a private hospital or a university guest house if required. Even after this, if the issue is not resolved, the students' rooms should be vacated.

Hostel Dean on Student Welfare Tara Singh said that fighting against corona virus is a shared responsibility of all of us. Therefore, everyone should contribute as much as they can. On the issue of curfew, Tara Singh says that students can come by showing letters from the administration and the university.


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