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Monday, 4 May 2020

Villagers dig up roads to stop ‘Covid carriers’ from Delhi

Villagers dig up roads to stop ‘Covid carriers’ from Delhi
Jhajjar, May 3

Residents have uncovered inside streets prompting Delhi in a few flanking towns under Badli and Bahadurgarh sub-divisions of Jhajjar to stop cross-outskirt development as the region rose a Covid hotspot with 42 cases in a single week. So also, a few inward streets associating Gurugram locale with the National Capital have likewise been uncovered. 

The streets were uncovered by the town gram panchayat, supposedly at the command of the locale police which distinguished 34 inside streets in 14 flanking towns that were being utilized to drive to Delhi in a furtive way. These towns incorporate Soldha, Ladrawan, Khairpur, Mukandpur, Issarheri, Siddhipur, Bamdoli, Badshah, Lohat, Dariyapur, Badli, Majri, Gubhana and Luksar. 

Soldha town Sarpanch Jogender said 60 of his townspeople working with Delhi Police, Municipal Corporation Delhi and emergency clinics used to make a trip to Delhi for work each day. 

Shri Bhagwan, spouse of Issarheri town's sarpanch Poonam, said seven streets prompting Jharoda, Mitrau and Kair towns of Delhi had been delved up in the town while blockading had been set up on the Issarheri-Surkhpur fringe by both Haryana and Delhi police. 

Krishan of Luksar town said three streets of his town prompting Mundhela and Bakargarh in Delhi have been uncovered. Individuals don't stop for a second to participate in fights when we oppose their development. Police should begin watching to check the development.

Jhajjar SP Ashok Kumar said the streets had been shut down to check section of outcasts without a legitimate explanation.The move was made on getting data about cross-outskirt going on these inside streets. Between state nakas have been set up at 10 critical fringe focuses while a few others have additionally been blockaded to check open development.


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