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Friday, 8 May 2020

Youth allegedly lost of Rs 96,000 on dating site

Youth allegedly lost of Rs 96,000 on dating site

Chandigarh, May 7
A 19-year-old youth allegedly lost around Rs 96,000 in the wake of signing in to a dating site offering an enrollment. The person in question, an understudy dwelling in Sector 29, looked for a dating site and persuaded baited to be a part. The site guaranteed that it furnished a stage to talk with young ladies and later meet them for a date. The casualty got tricked and paid Rs 910 as security. On May 5, he recieved a call and the guest requested that he further send Rs 16,000, which he did.


Unconscious that he had been hoodwinked, the fraudsters made him further exchange Rs 16,800, expressing that the cash moved before was sent to an off-base record. At the point when the casualty examined them concerning his cash and requested a discount, the fraudsters requested extreme scratch-off charges 

The casualty's dad asserted that his child was compromised by them saying that they would gripe against him to the police. The person in question, who was paying the cash through Paytm, got consecrated and further moved Rs 27,690, Rs 25,110 and Rs 10,000. 

"He moved the cash from my financial balance to his Paytm account and further sent it to the fraudsters' Paytm account," the casualty's dad said. 

All exchanges were done inside a couple of hours. A grievance of cheating has been made to the digital wrongdoing examination cell of the UT police. "The distinctive versatile numbers from which the fraudsters called and the Paytm number to which cash was transfered have been given to the police," the casualty's dad said.


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