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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Ambala colony in pathetic condition

The development and management of Sector 9 was taken up by the HSVP in the early 90s.The people were assured that it would be a posh residential colony with all facilities. However, this sector has several problems, including sewerage, turbid potable water, stray animal menace, poor maintenance of parks, dumping of garbage in open plots, uneven level of tiling in streets, dirty public toilets, security issue and running of illegal commercial activities in the residential area of the sector. There is waterlogging during rains. Actually, the decision of the government of transferring this sector from the HSVP to the Municipal Corporation is the main cause of the problem. — Gian P Kansal, Ambala

Beautify ponds in Hisar

Hisar is a historical town founded by the Mughal emperor Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. The Satrod Khurd village marked Ward 11 is a new addition, surrounded by a dozen ponds. These ponds stink and have become haven for pigs and garbage dumping, which pose as health hazards. These can be developed into a beautiful lake, which will add to the glamour of the emerging political and medicinal hub of Haryana. — Ram Chander Nehra, Hisar

Send power bills on actual basis

Electricity bills ending July 2020 for account numbers 7468114507 and 2118140000 of House No. 19, Sector 12A are being pushed through on an average basis for the reasons best known to the authorities. In the same building, the bill for account No.5995240000 has been sent on actual basis. I have personally checked that both the meters are in order and showing proper readings. The casual attitude of the authorities and subsequently complicating the matters is a routine. The authorities must look into the matter and send the bills on actual basis. — Dr Sushil Kumar Mittal, Panchkula

Polyclinic not functional

In continuation to the Haryana Human Rights Commission seeking report on conditions of government hospitals in Karnal, it is further submitted that despite inauguration in 2017-18 by the Chief Minister, the Polyclinic in Sector 16, here, is still non-operational. — Dr Virender Singh Lather, Karnal

from The Tribune

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