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Friday, 31 July 2020

Ayush told to cancel disinfectant licences

Sushil Manav
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, July 30

The Haryana Government has ordered the state Ayush Department to cancel through a general order all licences it had issued for the manufacture of surface disinfectants as the product wasn't ayurvedic in nature and outside its domain.

Haryana Order post row

  • With Covid outbreak, demand for sanitisers and disinfectants spiralled

  • Several manufacturers obtained Ayush licences as approaching FDA would have meant stringent norms

  • Row erupted over licensing between FDA and Ayush following a raid at a unit in Gurugram

The government has also ordered prosecution against those who violated rules by manufacturing such disinfectants on a licence obtained for hand sanitisers. Rajeev Arora, Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, has told the Director General, Ayush Department, that the disinfectants could not have been produced under an Ayush licence. The licensing authority (Ayush) has been told to issue a general order withdrawing all permissions for manufacturing surface disinfectants, floor cleaners or vegetable disinfectants. The orders have come almost a month after a row erupted between the FDA and the state Ayush Department over a raid conducted by the FDA at a disinfectant unit in Gurugram. FDA Commissioner Ashok Meena had claimed that the raided firm could not have manufactured such disinfectants without obtaining a licence from his department.

from The Tribune

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