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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Cured patients donate plasma in Rohtak

Rohtak, July 13

Residents of Rohtak and nearby areas who have recovered from Covid are coming forward to donate blood-plasma to save the lives of critical Covid patients undergoing treatment at the PGIMS.

"I have recovered from Covid and know how it feels to hang in balance between life and death. I have got a new lease of life and will be happy if we can help save the lives of others," says Neeraj Vij of Rohtak.

His views are endorsed by Dikshant Arora and Sunny of Rohtak city, who recently donated blood-plasma.

"We have started giving Remdesivir and Tociluzumab to Covid patients apart from the plasma therapy," says Prof (Dr) VK Katyal, head of a team constituted for the treatment of Covid patients at the Rohtak's PGIMS. — TNS

from The Tribune

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