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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Diversification claims fall flat in Mahendragarh district

Ravinder Saini

Tribune News Service

Rohtak, July 28

After Rewari, Rohtak and Jhajjar, false diversification claims under ‘Mera Pani, Meri Virasat’ scheme have now come to the fore in Mahendragarh district as well.

Paddy has not been sown in Mahendragarh district for the past many years following the scarcity of groundwater but 112 farmers got their 136 hectares registered under the scheme to avail the incentive of Rs 7,000 per acre.

The scheme aims to decrease acreage of paddy across the state in view of the depleting water table by motivating the farmers to switch over from paddy to alternative crops.

Hence, the state government had, in June, appealed to paddy growers to get their land, where they have sown alternative crops this season, registered under the scheme till July 2.

The Agriculture Department later initiated verification of the registration on the basis of the girdawari report of the Revenue Department and found all the registrations under the scheme false as the girdawari report denied any transplantation of paddy in Mahendragarh district last year.

“As per the registered diversification claims, bajra has been sown over 82 hectares, cotton over 45 hectares and pulses, vegetable and fodder have been sown over around 7 hectares in place of paddy crop in Mahendragarh district this season,” said sources.

Notably, over 2,700 farmers in Rewari, Rohtak and Jhajjar districts in the state have also furnished false crop diversification details to allegedly siphon grants under the scheme. All these farmers have been declared “ineligible” for the scheme.

“The registration of a mere 45 out of 467.7 hectares was found valid under the scheme in Rewari. In Rohtak, the valid registration figure was 381.79 out of 1,283.7 hectares while the count stood at 1,396 out of 2,456 hectares in Jhajjar. This way, the figure of invalid registered areas is 90 per cent in Rewari, 70 per cent in Rohtak and 57 per cent in Jhajjar district,” said sources.

Jaswinder Singh, Deputy Director (Agriculture), Narnaul, confirmed that registration claims of all farmers had been found invalid for the scheme as no paddy was sown in Mahendragarh district last year. “The lack of information about the scheme may also be one of the reasons behind the wrong registrations,” he added.

from The Tribune

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