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Monday, 13 July 2020

Haryana in ‘top 5’ in testing

Sushil Manav

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12

A vast imbalance continues in the tests per million (TPM) of population being conducted in various districts of Haryana although the state has increased its testing to some extent during the past some days.

Also, while computing its tests per million, the state Health Department is using population figures of the 2011 Census as against the 2019 population projection as per the National Population Commission being used at the national level.

A senior officer of the Health and Family Welfare Department, Haryana, claimed that Haryana was among the first five in testing among the bigger states.

Gurugram and Faridabad continue to be almost equally worst-hit districts with 6,860 and 5,420 cumulative number of cases and 1,026 and 932 active cases respectively.

However, while Gurugram had conducted 40,740 tests per million (4,074 per lakh) of population till July 9, the tests per million in Faridabad stood nearly at its half at 20,450.

In total numbers, Gurugram had collected 61,692 samples against 37,002 in Faridabad.

Sonepat district, which is also among the badly hit districts with 1,989 cumulative positive cases and 700 active cases, had conducted merely 17,560 tests per million till July 9. It had collected 25,468 samples till July 9.

On the other hand, Panchkula, with only 144 positive cases till date, had tested 11,259 samples at the rate of 20,060 tests per million.

Haryana, overall, claims to have conducted 14,699 tests per million. Though counted at the 2019 population figures, the figure comes to be 12,289 as on July 9.

As against this, Goa had TPM of 57,055 followed by Ladakh (51,829), Andaman and Nicobar (45,456), Delhi 37,706, Dadra, Nagar Haveli and Daman 36,904, Jammu and Kashmir 33,169, Andhra Pradesh 21,364, Tamil Nadu 20,201, Tripura 19,897, Arunachal Pradesh 19,836, Manipur 19,622, Sikkim 18,252, Puducherry 16,280, Assam 15,323, Himachal Pradesh 13,187, Rajasthan 13,062 and Mizoram 13,312. Even Punjab was better placed at 12,661 tests per million.

Among some other districts to have performed better than the state level are Rohtak which conducted 23,556 tests at 22,200 tests per million and Ambala with 17,797 tests at 15,770 tests per million.

Rewari with 477 cumulative positive cases has conducted the lowest tests per million at 6,840 followed by Sirsa where 9,119 samples were tested till July 9 at the rate of 7,040 tests per million.

The senior officer of the Health and Family Welfare Department, Haryana, said that computing with the 2019 figures would not make much difference to the overall TPM of the state.

As far as the disparity among districts, particularly the lesser number of tests in Faridabad in comparison with Gurugram, is concerned, he said it is because of the presence of a number of private labs in Gurugram.

from The Tribune

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