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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

HSVP sector in POOR condition

The incessant rains have caused resulted in accumulation of water on roads, blockage of sewerage and supply of contaminated drinking water in HSVP, Sector 9, Ambala. The water is not fit for drinking for children and the aged. The facts were brought to the knowledge of the administration in advance, but no action has been taken. People feel harassed. The problem has deprived people of basic amenities and has restricted their movement. The top brass must look into the issue seriously. ndash;Gian P Kansal, Ambala

Potable water crisis

THE residents of Friends Colony, Kaithal, are facing an acute shortage of potable water. The water sometimes gets mixed with sewers due to leaking of underground pipes. It emits foul smell. The water is unfit for washing utensils and clothes. It can affect the heath of residents and make them sick. The public health officials should look into the matter. ndash;Kapil Sharma, Kaithal

Rainwater clogs Kurukshetra HUDA colony road

ROADS in the urban areas are the first to be hit during the monsoon. The road in Sector 13, HUDA Colony, Kurukshetra, presents a similar picture, as it gets filled with drainage water, causing inconvenience to the residents. Recently, the condition of road got so worse that the residents could not come out of their homes. Silting, non-biodegradable waste and construction debris lead to stagnation of water, emitting unpleasant smell, making it a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the area. Before the onset of monsoon, it should be a standard practice of the municipal bodies to carry out desilting and cleaning of water drains along the roads. The municipality should take an action soon. ndash;Anupama Saini, Kurukshetra

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