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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Covid fatalities on the rise at Rajindra Hospital

Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, August 17

The percentage of deaths due to Covid at Government Rajindra Hospital, a tertiary healthcare institute, is increasing by the day. The daily death count is now more than 10.

The increasing death rate at the hospital has already raised an alarm with the hospital authorities, Health Department and patients. Until August 15, 155 had died due to Covid out of the 1,075 patients admitted to the hospital.

Sources said in just a week, the daily death count increased from average five to seven to 12.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities attributed the spike in the Covid death rate to critical patients being referred from other parts of the state to the hospital.

An official at the Covid ward said: "Patient don't get proper care at the Covid ward. The doctors (consultants) are not visiting the patients in person,"

Nurses have already alleged that doctors don't enter the ward. Sources said nurses had earlier complained to the hospital authorities against the doctors' failure to address the problems of the patients.

Surbhi Malik, in-charge, Covid ward at Government Rajindra Hospital, has reportedly issued a warning to all head of the departments to ensure that their consultants, senior residents and junior residents are present at the isolation facility for the entirety of their shift.

"Any lapses in the duty have to be seriously viewed by the heads and the accountability will be fixed within 24 hours of the incident," read the orders.

On consultants not visiting the patients, Surbhi Malik said: "Patients can't recognise those visiting them because doctors are clad in PPE kits. The consultants are regularly reaching out to the patients."

from The Tribune

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