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Monday, 3 August 2020

MCs tighten noose around defaulters

Nitin Jain

Tribune News Service

Ambala, August 2

After a four-month halt due to the lockdown, civic bodies have resumed operations to tighten the noose around property tax defaulters. These have even put government departments on notice.

In Ambala City, several government departments owe over Rs 7.5 crore to the municipal corporation. Property tax arrears in Ambala are over Rs 36 crore.

While Ambala City Municipal Corporation is struggling to collect Rs 16 crore arrears from around 1.56 lakh owners, over 1,000 defaulters owe Rs 20 crore to the Ambala Sadar Municipal Council.

"Since commercial and business operations have resumed, we have asked defaulters to clear their arrears, failing which we will declare them defaulters and resume properties," said a senior officer.

Ambala City Municipal Commissioner Parth Gupta said the properties of several major defaulters had been sealed and other major defaulters had been served sealing notices, which had been pasted outside their properties. Officials said the arrears would be recovered before March 31. In Ambala Cantonment, the council had sealed the properties of 10 major defaulters.

from The Tribune

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