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Thursday, 20 August 2020

Nehru Park in bad shape

NEHRU Park is the only place where people can go for morning and evening walk, but the authorities have failed to maintain it. Plants and grass have overgrown covering walking tracks. The boundary wall is damaged at many places and is blocked by thorny bushes. Benches, swings and toilets are also broken and not in a condition to be used. Even anti-social elements and drug addicts can be seen in hordes in the evening. —Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Harassment of taxpayers

Honest taxpayers are pillars of a strong economy, but the audacious act by some officials of the Central GST wing, who were booked on Friday for demanding bribe of Rs 12 lakh from Sonepat-based industrialists, seem to sabotage this dream. The Centre is spending lavishly on purchases of war weapons only on the strength and the anticipation of receipt of huge tax amounts, but such unscrupulous elements for their personal gains are dragging the taxpayers towards utter discouragement, which is detrimental to national interest. Thus, only the officials/officers of impeccable integrity should be put in the Central/state GST wing by respective governments. —Baljeet Singh, Hisar

Gurugram health officials hailed

IT is a matter of great satisfaction that the Gurugram administration has reduced the number of Covid containment zones from 15 to 7. In June, the number was increasing rapidly. The officials concerned deserve praise for bringing down the number of cases. —Subhash C Taneja, Gurugram

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