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Sunday, 9 August 2020

New cattle pound at Raipur Kalan to take 3 months for completion

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8

While the construction work of the animal birth-control (ABC) centre, which will house a cattle pound and a dog care shelter in Raipur Kalan, will take about three more months, but city’s ‘gaushalas’ and cattle pounds are already packed to capacity.

The Municipal Corporation (MC) catches around 150 to 200 stray animals every month and sends them to ‘gaushalas’ and cattle pounds. All cattle pounds are overcrowded. Some house cattle double to their capacity.

“We are not sending stray animals to the Sector 45 ‘gaushala’ as it already has accommodated cattle double its capacity. We are now sending cattle to Maloya ‘gaushala’. Though it is also full, we have to adjust cattle as there is no other option. Things will improve once our new cattle pound is ready,” said a senior official concerned.

The Raipur Kalan catte pound will have an initial capacity to accommodate 1,000 stray cattle, which can be raised in future. “After the facility comes up, we will be able to form a chain as more cattle will go there and many will also attain their age with time,” the official added.

According to the MC, the Sector 45 ‘gaushala’ has 1,000 cows against its capacity of 500 to 600. Two cattle pounds in Industrial Area, Phase 1, too, have 1,200 cattle, which is double their capacity. The Maloya ‘gaushala’, which can accommodate 500 to 550 stray animals, house 600 heads of cattle. Even the Sector 25 ‘gaushala’ has 400 heads of cattle, which is also more than what it can actually handle.

“Stray cattle is a serious problem in the tricity. After cows stop giving milk, most owners abandon them. Owners are not able to rear such cow, which costs Rs 100 per day,” said officials concerned.

“Most cows stray on roads leading to accidents. Oxen are also abandoned. It poses a challenge for the Corporation to manage stray animals,” officials added.

Municipal Commissioner KK Yadav said, “The new cattle pound will be ready in two to three months. Such issues will be taken care of.”

In October last year, UT Adviser Manoj Parida had laid the foundation stone of the new cattle pound project. It will also have hospital, laboratory, kitchen, parking area and a dormitory for workers. The deadline for the completion of this project is one year.

from The Tribune

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