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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

In Patiala, 900 dog-bite cases every month

Tribune News Service
Patiala, September 28

Despite restrictions in people's movement in the past few month due to the Covid-induced lockdown, there has been no let-up in dog bite cases in the district.

Around 900 cases of dog bite were reported every month this year so far, revealed the District Health Department today.

During the current year, around 7,300 cases of dog bites have already been reported in the district so far. The Patiala Health Department said precautions were the only way out to save oneself from rabies because there was no treatment for the disease.

Patiala Civil Surgeon Dr Harish Malhotra made an appeal to people not to hide dog bites and come forward to take proper treatment. He said: "Though around 99 per cent rabies cases are from dog bites, people should not ignore any animal bite. The government is providing the complete treatment for free."

He said the department was giving free rabies vaccine at 13 health centres, including district hospitals. Anti-rabies serum (ARS), which is required for a grade-3 dog bite, is also available at six health centers in the district.

Meanwhile, Dr Sumeet Singh, District Epidemiologist, said children usually hid dog bites from their parents out of fear, which might prove fatal for them.

He said: "Out of every 10 cases of dog bite, four victims are children. Kids while playing in the streets are prone to dog bites. In some cases, children do not tell parents about minor dog bite or minor attacks out of fear. Therefore, parents should take extra care of their wards and any bruises or bite on the body."

The Health Department said people should avoid quacks because any negligence in the treatment of dog bite could prove fatal and cause death.

from The Tribune

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