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Friday, 11 September 2020

Narwana gets flooded again post rain

On last Saturday, it rained for half-an hour in Narwana, post which all roads and residential areas were flooded beyond belief. At Apollo Chowk, the accumulated water entered into shops and basements. The covers of manholes were missing as these were covered by wooden planks. The administration must pump out the water immediately.— Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Policy must for removing aged trees

It is observed that many trees are damaged/tilted or become hollow due to natural and/or man-made causes and pose a risk to life and property and requires a transparent policy for their removal. The competent authorities must frame proper rules and regulations for the removal of aged/old/termite-infested and damaged trees. — Ramit Bagga, Panchkula

Weak foundations of bungalows

It is a matter of grave concern that in Gurugram district well-furnished bungalows have tilted and there is danger of these collapsing at any time and it has been noticed in Sector 27, 46 and 47 post heavy rain recently. And most astonishing aspect is that their adjoining buildings can face danger. The probe committee had revealed that their foundation was very poor and could not bear any load. The authorities must ensure that foundation of bungalows are not poor in future. —Subhash C Taneja, Gurugram

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