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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Safari karamchari caught on camera dressing wound in Jhajjar

Ravinder Saini
Tribune News Service
Jhajjar, September 8

Safai karamacharis at the casualty ward of the local Civil Hospital have been reportedly caught on camera dressing and stitching the wound of a patient.

This came to light in a video shot in the Civil Hospital on Sunday.

In the video, a doctor can be purportedly heard asking a safai karamachari to dress the wound and tie a bandage on a man, who was rescued from Dubaldhan village after he was kidnapped. The man was found dumped at Dubaldhan village and brought to the hospital on Sunday.

The safai karamchari with the help of another Class IV employee can be seen cleaning and dressing the wound and then applying a bandage.

The safai karamachari, who dressed the wound, said: "The doctor on duty calls us for help when there is a rush of patients in the casualty ward. Our work is to keep the ward clean but, many times, we also help the attendants to bring patients to the casualty ward from outside."

Sources say only one doctor remains on duty at the casualty ward.

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Dr Sanjay Sachdeva said: "Doctors at the casualty ward have been instructed to stitch the wounds on their own. Attendants dress and bandage the wounds. Class IV employees, however, can also help the doctor in dressing and bandaging if the wound is minor. In case of serious injuries, surgeons are a call away."

from The Tribune

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