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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Schools set to reopen, Education Department issues SOPs

Chandigarh, September 16

As school in Haryana are set to open from September 21 in keeping with the Centre's phase-wise unlocking of activities, the Haryana School Education Department issued standard operating procedures here today.

All teachers will have to undergo Covid test before joining school. The orders state that schools will reopen for offering guidance to students of Classes IX to XII with 50 per cent staff presence, while online classes will go on as usual.

While schools will be sanitised and laboratories will have to be disinfected for practical classes, the institutions will have to mandatorily display posters on prevention of Covid and keep sanitisers at the entrance.

Teachers and students should maintain six-foot distance while interacting and weather permitting, these interactions should be in the open while assemblies and sports activities will be prohibited on the school campuses.

Helpline numbers will need to be displayed at various places, while thermal screening will have to be carried out before entering the premises. Also, it is recommended that multiple gates be used for entry and exit and entry of visitors be regulated.

Students will not be allowed to share pencils, notebooks and water bottles and teachers will be required to assign separate time slots for children seeking guidance. They will be seated six-foot apart.

For schools offering transportation, the buses will have to be disinfected and social distancing will have to be ensured in seating.

Further, the schools should ensure counseling sessions for those facing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. According to the directions, alternative arrangements to biometric attendance will have to be made, wearing of masks will be compulsory, installation and use of Arogya Setu app will be necessary and the students will require a written consent of the parents for interaction. — TNS

In a nutshell

  • Schools must be sanitised, labs disinfected
  • Mandatory display of posters on preventionof Covid
  • Six-foot distance between teachers and students while interacting, which preferably should be in the open
  • No assemblies, sports activities
  • Helpline numbers to be displayed at various places
  • Thermal screening before entering premises
  • No sharing of pencils, notebooks, water bottles
  • Buses to be disinfected, social distancing to be ensured in seating
  • Wearing of masks compulsory, use of Arogya Setu app necessary

from The Tribune

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