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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Cut trees lying on edge of main road in Narwana

Staff members of the Forest Department in Narwana often leave the responsibility of cutting and lifting of trees to junior-level employees who behave quite irresponsibly and leave big and heavy cut trunks close to the main road. Such grave mistakes by the staff can lead to accidents. The senior officials should see to it that such trees are taken off the road at the earliest. — Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Payment verification system defective

The online building approval system started by the Haryana Urban Local Bodies Department has become problematic as the payment verification system has remained out of order for the past couple of weeks. Despite reminders by those concerned, there is no improvement in the situation. The state architects associations have repeatedly brought it to the notice of the officials of the department. The department should act swiftly. — Satish Seth, Kaithal

Shop owners violating law

The government has brought a rule through enactment of law vide, which it has been made mandatory for all sweet shop owners to put a label on each variety of sweet showing date as 'best before' This is a landmark decision and virtually protects the interest of the consumers. But the law is not being implemented forcefully resulting in serious violations. The authorities do not make any surprise check on eateries. I hope authorities will take cognisance of the issue before the festive season. — Gian P Kansal, Ambala City

Unauthorised shops in residential areas

Many unauthorised shops are being constructed in many areas of Kurukshetra, creating so much inconvenience to people residing in such places. These shops have not acquired any licence. Customers of these shops also park their vehicles in front of the houses. The government must take appropriate action. — Goldi Kumar, Kurukshetra

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