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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Dangerous Power junction box

The power junction box outside Sector 7 on NH-73 in Panchkula speaks volumes about the reckless and indifferent attitude of the city's Electricity Department. Notably, this power junction box continues to be in such a worrisome state for years together. Will the authorities concerned take note of it?

SK Gupta, Panchkula

Open senior citizen cell in Panchkula too

This refers to a news item that appeared in The Tribune, that 'Gurugram gets senior citizen liaising cell'. With senior citizens emerging as the most vulnerable post unlock, the Gurugram police have constituted a special cell. This move is good and a step taken in the right direction. Beyond the physical threat Covid, there are numerous problems facing senior citizens in Panchkula, including domestic feuds etc. So, I, request, the Panchkula police to start such liaising cell for the senior citizen. The aim should be to provide access to senior citizens. This will help them a lot.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Gurugram

Wild growth nuisance for residents

There is huge wild growth on non-constructed plots around houses in Sector 9 HSVP, Ambala City. This HSVP is responsible for clearing bushes and wild growth. People are living in appalling conditions because dangerous and poisonous reptiles can be seen moving around in the area and it can also become a den for illegal activities. Officers never visit the area. We hope the authorities concerned will set things right. Gian P Kansal, Ambala City

No space to move around

Due to the reconstruction of the main road of Kurukshetra, the road parallel to the railway line from Jangra Dharamshala to the main bazar is the only alternative route for thousands commuters from Professor Colony, Azad Nagar, Shanti Nagar and Didar Nagar areas, but half width of this road is permanently encroached upon by shopkeepers. There is hardly any space for the movement of vehicles resulting in accidents and quarrels daily.The MC is sleeping over the matter for years. Is there any solution with the administration?

Dr Ravinder Malik, Kurukshetra

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