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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Registration: Vendors jostle with each other, give safety the go-by

Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, October 26

With no arrangements in place, social distancing went for a toss when a number of vendors queued up to get registered at the fee counters of the Municipal Corporation.

Compared to the number of counters, there were many applicants. People jostled with each other to remain in queues. "What can we do, only one day has been fixed for applicants from a number of wards to get themselves registered. If we miss it today, we will not get a chance," said a vendor.

"They should have called a limited number of vendors per day to avoid rush. We have no option but to come here to get the registration done as tomorrow, applicants from other wards will come," said another vendor.

No official from the vendor cell was seen managing the crowd. "There should be someone to allow in people one by one. Otherwise nobody knows who will infect whom. We are vendors and have to visit different areas. The public can be at risk because of this," said a vegetable vendor.

These vendors were identified in the 2016 survey, but were not registered as they did not have the Chandigarh address on the Aadhaar card. However, now the MC is allowing them too.

from The Tribune

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