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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Broken board risk to commuters’ lives

Amilestone board installed by the Public Works Department near Ambala Central Co-operative Bank, Naraingarh Road, is broken and hanging loosely, thus posing a risk to commuters' lives. At present, the board can be repaired easily by fixing the screws or it may fall down, hurting any passerby. So, the board should be repaired immediately to avoid any mishap. —Kapil Kumar, Ambala City

UHBVN must restore practice of accepting cheques

The decision of the UHBVN to do away with cheques but insist on bank demand drafts for the payment of power bills has resulted in hardships to consumers. The bills can forewarn of penalty if a cheque is dishonoured. The new chairman of the UHBVN must restore the practice to accept payments by cheque. —Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

MC apathetic to stray animal menace

After resuming its long-stalled drive to catch stray animals, the Hisar Municipal Corporation team members captured a few heads of cattle. However, the drive was suspended suddenly without giving any plausible reason. Due to the MC apathy, the city is again teemed with stray cattle, adding to multiple problems. The district administration should come out with a permanent solution to the menace. —Baljeet S Deep, Hisar

Migrants living in pitiable condition

Outside the entry gate of Ambala City's Sector 9, one can see some migrant families living in a pathetic condition. They even lack the basic facilities. Their huts covered with clothes are unable to bear the impact of wind or rain. Many higher officials of the administration and rich people commute on this route daily but the plight of migrants has failed to catch their attention. Moreover, all adults are casual labourers, who seldom get work, and their meagre income is too less to feed large families. Amid the pandemic and with the cases rising, their medical check-up and providing them basic facilities is the need of the hour. I hope some NGO or the administration will come to their rescue. —Gian P Kansal, Ambala


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