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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Drive with caution on this potholed road in Zirakpur

Mohali, November 21

Airport Road near Chhat village in Zirakpur is dotted with potholes, posing threat to commuters' lives.

The stretch is full of deceptive spots, which often take the drivers by surprise. In the day time, several four-wheelers heading for the airport are rushing against time. A stretch of the road from McDonald's point to the Zirakpur traffic lights has several such hazards.

"It is an irony that a stretch on the track named as Airport Road is in such a bad shape. It shows that nobody is really bothered about the commuters' safety or comfort," said Sukhdev Chaudhary, a resident of Peer Muchalla.

Commuters said the situation was so bad that the police had put up barricades at some fatal spots to caution the drivers to slow down. However, it aggravates the situation as the drivers of fast-moving vehicles apply the brakes suddenly, putting those travelling in vehicles following them at risk.

"Almost all government officials use this road off and on and they are surely aware of its bad condition. Still it has not been repaired for a long time," said Vishwas Bhardwaj, a Dera Bassi resident.

On rainy days, the uneven road is filled with muddy water, making it difficult for road users to spot the potholes. — TNS

from The Tribune

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