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Friday, 27 November 2020

Fear of canal breach near Karnal village

TO prevent flood-like situation with the breach of augmentation canal near Mainmati village, people have put up barriers such as gunny bags filled with soil and sand there. The situation can turn troublesome anytime and worsen the condition in the area. These types of bags have been placed at many places to prevent the breach. I request the Irrigation Department or the concerned authorities to kindly look into the issue and do the needful before the situation goes out of control and causes damage to the people. Pankaj Kamboj, Arun Kamboj, Mainmati, Karnal

Docs must utilise govt infrastructure

TO provide better dental care facilities, the government had provided Rs 3 lakh modern dental chairs in a poly clinic about three years back. But the irony of the situation is that not even a single patient has ever availed its benefits. The infrastructure is lying wasted and not being used effectively. The lone dental surgeon, who does other hospital duties, has never done OPD for dental patients. The DHS Haryana should take a note of it and should streamline the system. Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Govt must ensure safe disposal of face masks

THE general public seems to be totally oblivious to the disposal of face masks as these can be seen strewn everywhere after being discarded. One day, we saw some masks lying on a road and stray cattle were feeding on them, which can pose a big threat to the animals. Amid the pandemic, people need to be taught about ways to handle biomedical waste to prevent the harmful effects of careless handling of it. The government should immediately issue instructions for their proper disposal and the offenders must be issued challan on the spot by the police. Ramit, Ritu Bagga, Panchkula

State needs to think about protecting green cover

NO sympathy can be shown towards anybody who harms the natural resources, including trees and plantation in the state. The increased incidents of cutting of trees in the name of development are very unfortunate. To escape the drastic effects on the nature, the replantation drive needs to be observed throughout the year rather than just an annual ritual on Van Mahotsav. The government can also think about roping in unskilled labourers, under the MGNREGA scheme, into the plantation drive and also for digging ponds. It is worth mentioning that late Prof Ragner Nurkse opined that we can generate employment for the disguisedly unemployed people by employing them in digging up the land which can be used with little reorientation as ponds for rain-harvesting techniques to escape droughts-like situations as well as floods in the state. The state government for ensuring prevention of trees and water resources can effectively utilise the schemes, including MGNREGA. MM Goel, Kurukshetra

People must wear mask, ADOPT social distancing

PEOPLE must not take Covid lightly and take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the pandemic. We should follow the required guidelines such as wearing a face mask, using sanitiser and adopting social distancing whenever we meet other persons be it our relatives, friends or unknown persons. The spread of virus can be checked if we continue to follow the preventive measures properly. This is the only effective way in the present time to check the alarming rise in the number of cases and also the reason why the situation is worsening in the nation. Ritik Singh, Kaithal

Is a civic issue bothering you? Are you agitated over the lack of concern? Is there something heartening that you feel needs to be highlighted? Or a picture which in your opinion ought to be seen by many, and not just you?

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