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Monday, 23 November 2020

Mercury dips to 8.1°C in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, November 22

The city's minimum temperature dipped to 8.1deg;C today, making it the new lowest November temperature in the past three years.

A day before, the city had recorded the minimum temperature of 8.4deg;C, which was the lowest in the month of November in three years till yesterday. In November last year, the lowest temperature was 10.4deg;C while in 2018, it was 8.7deg;C. In 2017, the city had recorded 6.8deg;C as the lowest temperature in November.

The all-time lowest minimum temperature in November was recorded in the year 1975 when the mercury had fallen to 3.7deg;C. The year 1970 had seen the highest maximum temperature in the month of November when the mercury had reached 34deg;C.

At 8.1deg;C, the minimum temperature recorded today was a degree less than normal. The maximum temperature was 22.5deg;C, which is four degrees less than normal.

According to the Met Department, the minimum temperature is expected to increase and hover around 12deg;C for the next three days. The maximum temperature is likely to drop a bit and stay between 20deg;C and 22deg;C. The department has predicted generally cloudy conditions for the next three days.

"Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh has had an effect on the temperature in the city," said a Met official. Due to cold conditions, the city may experience fog and mist in the morning and evening hours. — TNS

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