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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

What High Court says

Chandigarh, November 10

Handing over the probe to the CBI, the High Court has ruled that the entire dispute pertaining to the Sector 5 house has its roots in various events, which took place during a long span of time.

The Bench observed that to reach the genesis of the entire dispute, it would be in the interest of justice and in the fitness of things that all events and actions leading to the row were inquired into by one agency only "so that the chaff is separated from the grains".

The Bench added that the findings of the different authorities regarding different aspects of the entire controversy will not make any headway in bringing the actual facts to the fore and would rather turn the controversy more intricate and complex.

The Bench of Justice Daya Chaudhary and Justice Meenakshi I Mehta added that it was of the considered opinion that the ends of justice would best be served if the entire matter regarding the transfer of 50 per cent share of the house by Padamjit Singh and all matters incidental thereto, including missing record of the house from the UT Estate Office, was referred to the CBI for inquiry/investigation therein. "We order accordingly. It is further clarified that the CBI shall look into all angles of the said dispute."

from The Tribune

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