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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Farmers’ agitation is unfortunate

BEING impartial spectator of the events on the on-going farmers' agitation and the role of the Government of India, I have no hesitation to say that there is communication gap which must be removed with a dialogue with open minds. We should know that there is a difference between reasoning and having reasons, that is to say, between arguing for a particular course of action and rationalising a particular course of action. — MM Goel, Kurukshetra

Govt must resolve farmers' issues

THE agitation supported by certain vulnerable factions has reached to impermeable level. The agitation can bring serious effects on economy when long route transportation has come to standstill. On the other hand, the Defence Minister has refused for any retrogation and claw back resulting in a serious belligerence which in no way is conducive for the security and integrity of the nation. Not only this, because of Covid pandemic everybody is perplexed for one or the other reason. The country is already in tremendous phase of pressure in view of the disturbances on the both sides. Keeping this in view both should shun ego and come to conclusion amicably. The government in consultation with agriculture experts, scientists, stakeholders and farmer unions should look for a common path to solve the issue. The bureaucracy should show their dexterity and conscientiousness in resolving issue once for all. — Gian P Kansal, Ambala City

No end to cattle menace in Ambala Cantt

THE cattle menace is rampant in distinct areas of the city as well as in villages. Cattle became one of the main reasons of road jams and accidents these days. They pose a threat to commuters, particularly at night and on foggy days. Just because of cattle, parents feel unsafe to send their children out of the house. Even, the elderly people hesitate to go out alone. The issue is being ignored, but now it is peak time to look into the matter. Therefore, the authorities must solve the problem. — Aakash Dhiman, Ambala Cantt

Collection of garbage irregular

IT is a matter of utter grouse that the person in whose favour the Municipal Corporation Hisar has released the contract for collecting the garbage is not rendering the services regularly. The vehicle pressed in service for the purpose has rarely been seen in the locality. Since it is fitted, as was done by the predecessor contractor, with no loudspeaker or other instruments sending pre-intimation of arrival. More saddening is this that the workers neither alight from the vehicle nor they bother to ring the doorbell. Due to their laxity and callous way of working, the garbage is left to stink for days which can be a cause of many lethal diseases such as dengue etc. The Municipal Corporation authorities should direct the incumbent contractor to give a serious thought to the agonies of the residents and get the needful done immediately. — Baljeet Singh Deep, Hisar

Is a civic issue bothering you? Are you agitated over the lack of concern? Is there something heartening that you feel needs to be highlighted? Or a picture which in your opinion ought to be seen by many, and not just you?

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