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Saturday, 26 December 2020

No parking sense

Is a civic issue bothering you? Are you agitated over the lack of concern? Is there something heartening that you feel needs to be highlighted? Or a picture which in your opinion ought to be seen by many, and not just you?

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No parking sense

LIKE net etiquette, we have to take a course for good manners in civic life too. Parking is one area in particular. The most bothersome mess-up one can create for cars or any four-wheeler is parking just inches away at the back. Other bad actions that are no less annoying are parking in the persons-with-disability lane, violations of no-parking zone etc. Let traffic education also be part of civics in the school curriculum. Rakesh Sudan, Kurukshetra

Call centre frauds on rise

FAKE call centre frauds are being regularly reported by The Tribune which is a worrisome trend. The public should be cautious while making online purchases as frequent complaints e.g. ill-fitting temporary stitching of higher sized clothing to reduce size, refusal to accept a scratched old cellphone under new-for-old buyback scheme, colour mismatch, torn items etc are being reported. It is imperative for the buyers to make a video of pre/post parcel opening, read the fine print of online purchase rules and regulations. Similarly, fake call centres thrive due to ill-informed people who should directly approach the respective companies/authorised dealers for redress of their queries. This will help reduce, if not altogether end, frauds to a considerable extent. Ramit Ritu Bagga, Panchkula

Lack of garbage disposal system

THE issue of providing proper garbage collection and disposal system in the residential areas has been regularly highlighted but one still finds Tundla village, Ambala Cantt, littered with garbage, heaps of cow dung, stagnant water and stray cattle. The worst part is that people living there seem to have got used to it. Rather than making efforts to improve the situation in the area, some of the residents can be seen adding to the unhygienic conditions, ignoring the harmful effects of unhygienic conditions. The MC authorities should visit the village and take a stock of the cleanliness. People too must know their duties and do their part in making the surroundings clean and healthy. Col RD Singh, Ambala Cantt

Crime rate down

IT is a matter of great satisfaction that crime rate in Gurugram has decreased considerably as the Gurugram police are doing a commendable job by arresting active gangsters and miscreants in NCR, Gurugram and Rajasthan. They are searching their hideouts and arresting the wrongdoers. Subhash C Taneja, Gurugram

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