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Saturday, 20 February 2021

2.6 lakh properties unregistered in Faridabad: Survey

Tribune News Service
Faridabad, February 19

The income of the Municipal Corporation (MC), Faridabad, from property tax (house tax) is likely to get doubled soon by the addition of around 2.60 lakh more units.

As many as 2.62 lakh taxpayers are already registered in the city and now the total number is expected to reach 5.50 lakh units as the survey is still on, it is learnt.

Revealing this, official sources said the survey, launched through a private agency hired about 11 years ago, had been able to find 2.60 lakh units, which need to pay the tax but had not done so far as these were not registered in the records of the Municipal Corporation (MC), Faridabad.

As per the taxation department, the new units owe huge arrears and the exact figure will be calculated after a house-to-house survey by officials. A majority of the new units could have been avoiding tax for the past several years as the last survey was done here in 2008.

The annual collection of tax under this head, according to authorities concerned, is expected to cross Rs 100 crore from the present Rs 50 crore. The addition of new taxpayers will result in more internal income for the MC, which is facing acute financial crunch, claimed the authorities.

According to sources, while the total defaulting amount has peaked to Rs 272 crore, the MC hopes to recover Rs 120 crore by March 31.

"With the addition of new units, total taxpayers are expected to rise to 5.50 lakh in next few months. With the survey still under way, around 20,000 to 25,000 more units are expected to be added from certain pockets," said Inderjit Kulharia, MC Additional Commissioner.

"The MC will soon find out the dues to be recovered and the total amount to be collected regularly (annually) from such units in the next fiscal," he added.

from The Tribune

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