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Monday, 8 February 2021

Defunct streetlights bane of Narwana residents

Streetlights at the old bus stand area in Narwana used to function normally until one year ago. The Public Health Department dug up half-km-long road to lay sewerage/water pipes, and damaged all electrical wires. The department abandoned the job altogether leaving all residents of the area in absolute darkness at night. The relevant departments should complete the job as soon as possible. —Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Officials aware of illegal colonies being developed

The government should be aware that no illegal colony of a land mafia can develop in any city without the connivance of the District Town Planner, Municipal Corporation and Tehsil officials. It is not justified that the district administration should demolish buildings built in illegal colonies, but it is also the responsibility of the government to know the reasons for the development of these illegal colonies in cities, take preventive measures and identify and punish all guilty officials involved. —Shakti Singh, Karnal

Roads at Shahabad Markanda in pathetic condition

The poor condition of the road describes the woes of residents of Shahabad Markanda who have been suffering for the past many years. Many visits have failed to awaken the municipal authorities from slumber. Interlocking tiles were laid on these roads for betterment but, ironically, it proved otherwise as the whole work was done without planning. Soon after the laying of interlocking tiles, the work of digging for sewerage pipe started which continued for a long time. The roads were repaired so badly that these are a bane of commuters. The roads have become accident prone which should be repaired soon. —Dr Ravinder Kwatra, Shahabad Markanda


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