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Friday, 5 February 2021

Issue appointment letter to shooter: Punjab and Haryana High Court

Chandigarh, February 4

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the issuance of appointment letter to international-level shooter Vishwajeet Singh for the post of HCS (Executive Branch) officer. The Bench held that the concerted effort to deprive the petitioner of his rightful entitlement showed that he was being victimised on the basis of an ill-informed perspective which complainant Ashok Khemka entertained regarding the sport of shooting.

Justice Rajbir Sehrawat asserted that there was nothing on record suggesting that he had any specialised knowledge regarding international tournaments, shooting or scoring and awarding of medals in the sport. Justice Sehrawat noted that the questions raised in the complaint reflected utter ignorance about the sports activity and regarding award of medals in the sport of shooting.

Justice Sehrawat stated, "The complainant's assertion could not but be an expression in frustration against the petitioner for reasons other than the sporting activity." It gave credence to the arguments of the petitioner's counsel that the complainant raised all complaints because of cadre rivalry between the complainant and the petitioner's father, who happened to be an IAS officer junior to the complainant.

Justice Sehrawat observed that Khemka went to demand personal hearing from the Chief Minister regarding complaints against all and sundry and craved for registration of criminal case against all of them. "This was the height of unfounded self-righteousness. This totally takes away the pretence of acting in public interest and shows that Ashok Khemka might have used all these tactics to bring the officers under pressure and to bring the junior officers of the department under fear psychosis, which forced them to continue the tirade against the petitioner in one form or the other."

Justice Sehrawat noted that in the present case, the senior IAS officer happened to be the king, while the surrogate king was the junior IAS officer promoted from state civil service. Justice Sehrawat added that the audience were officials working in government offices and dealing with the file in the present matter and the victim was the son of the surrogate king, who claimed to be a person of international repute in a particular sport and who was denied the benefit claimed by him. — TNS

from The Tribune

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