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Friday, 19 February 2021

Jaggery salty, sugar mill in soup

Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service
Palwal, February 18

The state-owned Cooperative Sugar Mill at Palwal is in trouble due to the jaggery produce turning out to be salty in taste.

Claiming that the inappropriate taste was due to the brackish underground water in sugarcane fields, officials concerned said they were working on getting the raw material from the Khader region (adjoining Yamuna) where the quality of water was better.

Haryana Cooperation Minister Banwari Lal had announced the production of jaggery and its powder at the mills located at Palwal, Meham and Kaithal in November last year.

"As the 'gur' produced by the mill is salty, I told the officials that it won't find customers as better quality produce was available in the market of neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh,'' said a dealer, who procured it at a rate of Rs 55 per kg.

According to officials, , the mill has produced 75 quintals of jaggery so far, of which five quintals have been sold.

"The jaggery is produced in a traditional manner and not using high-end technology. The produce tastes a bit salty as the mill is using a mixed variety of cane juice," says Naresh Kumar, MD, Palwal sugar mill. He said since the main reason was brackish underground water in fields where the cane was grown or procured, the mill was setting up another unit for using 119 variety, which was sweeter. The mill would get cane from the areas where water was tasteless, so that the jaggery produce was normal, he added.

Claiming that as no chemicals were used in cleansing of juice (as done in sugar production), he said the taste depends on the quality of cane. Meanwhile, the mill has produced 1.56 lakh quintals of sugar by crushing 17.49 lakh quintals of cane to date.

from The Tribune

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